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7 Tips on Organizing a Messy House

7 Tips on Organizing a Messy House

7 Tips on Organizing a Messy House

April 29, 2021 | 21 South Parkview Team | Apartment Tips


Did you know that 80% of the clutter you see in your home is because of a lack of organization? And that organizing that clutter can end up saving you 40% more time when it comes to cleaning your home?

You might find yourself looking around at piles of messy clutter and disorganized piles. But, the impacts of a disorganized or messy home can be far-reaching.

Research shows that clutter can hurt mental health, inhibit your ability to think, cause you to procrastinate more, and even influence unhealthy eating habits.


Right now, you're likely spending more time at home. Having a clean and orderly space to work, play, and spend time with your family can help everyone feel better and enjoy more time together.

It may seem like a big undertaking at first, but keep reading to follow our simple steps to help figure out how to start organizing a messy house.


Tips for Organizing a Messy House

If you've let piles of papers, boxes of belongings, or stacks of random things take up residence in your home or apartment, it's time to figure out what to do with everything.

Whether you're ready for a deep clean, selling your home, or
renting an apartment
, you deserve to live in a clean space that you enjoy being in every day.


1. Start Small

organize a small part of your house


If you start to think about organizing every room, closet, and cupboard in your home, it's likely to feel overwhelming. The large scale and size of the project may keep you from wanting to get started at all.

Instead of looking at the big picture, start with a smaller, more manageable project. Not only will this help you get into the organization mindset, but it will also help you feel more accomplished and more likely to keep going.

Don't choose the messiest or most cluttered room in the house.

When you think about your home or apartment, think about a bathroom cupboard or small closet that isn't too full. Set aside some time to tackle only that project and make sure to finish instead of walking away partway through.


2. Go Through Everything

pikes of clothing to keep, throw away, donate


Whatever you decide to tackle, take everything out. This means everything! This part definitely gets messier before it gets better.

As you clear out your items, place everything into three piles: Keep, donate, and throw away.

When your cupboard or closet is empty, give it a deep clean. Wipe down all surfaces, vacuum any carpet, and add some pretty contact paper to help spruce up your space.


3. Toss It in the Trash

throw away things you no longer need


When it comes to throwing away items you don't need, be thorough. You don't need back issues of magazines, half-empty (and old) bottles of toiletries, or a stack of rubber bands that take up half a drawer.

Especially if you haven't used it in the last six months, consider throwing it away or recycling it if possible.


4. Donate
donating items you no longer want


Keep in mind that you may have some excellent items you need to get rid of that could still be of use to someone else. If so, think about donating them to a thrift store instead.

Items like clothes you no longer wear, books, athletic gear, old toys, and even kitchen gear that's been collecting dust could be what someone else needs.

Not only will your donation help out someone else, but it's also environmentally friendly and breathes new life into old belongings.


5. Invest in Good Storage Solutions

storage options to organize home


It doesn't matter if you're cleaning a messy house or organizing an apartment, storage is your friend.

Look for cheap storage possibilities (check out the thrift store when you're dropping off your donation!) or find something cheap online. Set a budget so you don't break the bank.


Some good storage ideas that can help are items like shoe racks, drawer organizers, plastic drawers, big plastic tubs (to store out-of-season clothing), hooks, a file cabinet and folders, and even shelves.

Good storage solutions are especially helpful if you live in a smaller home or apartment. Vacuum storage bags are a great idea, as they can compress big, bulky items like blankets and sweaters.

These are then easily stored under your bed until you need them again. It's easy for small spaces to feel cluttered and chaotic more quickly, so a few good pieces can make a huge difference!


6. Find a Place For Everything

finding a place for everything in your home


If you want to get organized and stay organized (after all, you don't want to be doing all this again next year!), you'll need to come up with some easy, memorable systems to help you stay on top of the mess.

If you decide to get your papers and documents organized, choose a filing system that's easy and manageable. Find folders that make sense to you and are easy to switch out labels.

If you want to organize your closet or dresser, think about the clothes you wear for different seasons and put what you don't need somewhere else for now.

Keep what you're not using out of sight. This will prevent the clutter from creeping back, leaving your space clean and spacious.


7. Stay Consistent

put stuff away to stay organized

Once you've come up with your system and stored what you don't need, be sure to stick with it. Next time you find a big pile of paid bills or bank statements on your desk, take a few moments to file them in their designated spot.

Or when switching out your summer clothes for winter, be sure to allot more time to pack away and store what you're not using.

Now that you've done the hard work of getting organized, it's easier to stay organized. If that means setting some time aside every few weeks to do a smaller re-organization, make that a priority.


Ready To Get Organized?

If you're ready to start organizing a messy house, set some time aside, put on some good music, and get started. Are you looking for a new apartment to settle into with your newly organized belongings?

Apply today or call us to speak with someone about our availability! We would love to have you make your home here with us.